Fun Facts

Fun Facts About Rochelle

  • Strauss is German for ostrich, which is why Rochelle`s business logo has an ostrich on it. When she was growing up, her parents always took family portraits at the zoo in front of the ostrich exhibit!
  • Among Rochelle`s favourite species on the Tree of Life are dolphins, nudibranchs, bromeliads, penguins…and of course, her son.
  • When she was growing up, Rochelle wanted to be a professional baseball player (a pitcher) for the Montreal Expos or the "Jane Goodall" of the oceans.
  • Rochelle`s favourite books as a child were Corduroy, Winnie-the-Pooh and anything by Jacques Cousteau. Today, one of her favourite children`s authors is Mo Willems and her favourite adult author is Barbara Kingsolver.

Fun Facts From Rochelle's Books

  • Over 1,000,000 tiny droplets of water are needed to make a single drop of rain.
  • It takes about 147,000 litres of water (38,800 US gal) to make the average car, but only 130 litres (34 US gal) to make a bike.
  • In your lifetime you will drink the equivalent of a swimming pool of water.
  • Africa is home to three times more people than all of North America...yet North Americans use three times more water!
  • The ocean's largest animal - the blue whales - eats some of the tiniest creatures on the planet, plankton.
  • There are over 1.75 million known species on the planet...over 70% of them are invertebrates.
  • Beetles are one of the most diverse species on the planets – there are over 350,000 different kinds! In fact, there are more species of beetles than there are species of plant.
  • The arctic tern migrates over 35,000 km (22,000 miles) every year – from the North Pole to the South Pole and back again.