Our school is still buzzing about your superb presentation to our students... The students really gave terrific feedback to their teachers and it was evident that they really did ‘get it’.
- Donna Lainchbury, Librarian, Monsignor Morrison School

It was very exciting to learn about how we can save water, just by doing as little as collecting rain water, or cutting back on shower time. We have learned much and can’t wait to start our environmentally friendly lives. We hope to share with others the information that you shared with us.
- Melanie and Sylvia, Grade 8 Students, Monsignor Morrison School

Her presentations were fantastic – very interactive and engaging. The students...were enthusiastic and asked all kinds of intelligent and fun questions. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves and more importantly learned a tremendous amount about the environment. Her passion for her work combined with her ability to engage and inspire students made her an outstanding addition to the Festival.
- Alma Lee, Artistic Director, Vancouver International Writers Festival

Our participants enjoyed Rochelle’s inspiring Keynote Address and her informative and interesting sessions. It was a pleasure to have Rochelle play such an important role in the success of Weaving Words. She was a very dynamic presenter with a most important message to give to our participants.
- Elaine Rusnack, Conference Coordinator, Weaving Words VIII

The One Well workshop was an awakening to me personally. Just the realization of how much water we use in a day and how many ways we could change this usage was very enlightening.
- Conference Participant, Weaving Words VIII

rochelle inpsiring young minds