Earth Day has always been an exciting day for me. As an author and educator, it’s usually a day marked by a school visit or participating in an Earth Day event. Of course, celebrating Earth Day this year is going to look a little different for everyone, and what you do will depend on what’s allowed where you live. But it is always a day of reflection and action.

I live in Ontario, and we are on full lockdown again – so no school visits, no park cleanups and no Earth Day events. And honestly, I was struggling to figure out how I could even just celebrate the day myself, much less promote any kind of learning or action. What is Earth Day if I am not out there doing something. I was so discouraged that I even contemplated not blogging and just letting the day slip silently past me.

But then I started to realize something. A huge part of who I am as an author and an educator, means that I actually get to honour Earth Day almost every day – whether I am physically doing something or not.

In my role as Director of Education for a botanical garden, I am constantly designing and delivering programs and content that educates and informs about nature and the environment. Tonight for example, Betty McCulloch, a monarch champion, and someone I hold in the highest regard, will be doing a virtual presentation about monarch butterfly tagging, as part of an adult education program that I built. On Saturday, Lindsey Carmichael, the phenomenal author of The Boreal Forest, will be launching a new family program series that I developed. The series is intended to showcase amazing children’s authors who are writing beautiful books to raise environmental awareness and inspire readers.

So no, I may not be doing a talk or at an event, but I have had a hand in coordinating two Earth Day events, which collectively will help to inspire hundreds of people.

butterfly tagging, rochelle strauss, park, rosetta mclain gardens
Me tagging butterflies with Betty McCulloch, at Rosetta McLain Gardens, September 2020

And something else I realized…I have two books myself that are in the hands of children around the world…informing, educating, and inspiring them to take action.

And soon, I will have a third book too!

So, in honour of Earth Day, I’ve been given the ok from the publisher to finally announce the name of my new book and the illustrator! So without further ado….

The Global Ocean, written by Rochelle Strauss, illustrated by Natasha Donovan and published by Kids Can Press, officially drops Spring 2022!

My goal has always been to make a difference. And I must keep reminding myself to trust that I am making a difference, even if I can’t see it personally. So this Earth Day, while I may not be presenting to a classroom or at an event, through my work I am reaching and inspiring people almost every day.

And I will also remind you that every action you take today, no matter how big or small, you are also making a difference and affecting change.

There is no one way to celebrate Earth Day. Just find YOUR way and run with it.


sea, water, earth, rochelle strauss, trees, blue sky, rocks
Me by The Sea