Writing a book is an unbelievably long process, speaking from my experience writing children’s illustrated books anyway. The idea rumbles around in my head for a while. I ruminate on possibilities, and then debate myself about pathways to take. I pour through the research, looking for the stories, waiting for the inspiration…and then I wrangle the words, write outlines, and develop draft after draft after draft. And then I loop in experts in the field to make sure the content and science is right. And then one magical day, my editor says…ok, it’s done!!

And then…silence. Behind the scenes now the illustrator has the book and is doing their thing. Periodically there are a check-ins. Reviewing the illustration for accuracy, feedback, etc. But mostly silence as someone else marries my words with their art. It’s a magical process. That someone is able to create these incredible pieces of art from my words never ceases to amaze me. But truthfully, during that time, I usually feel very disconnected from the work itself. It’s being lovingly cared for by someone else, and I must step away a bit and let the growth process happen.

And then suddenly, there’s a first full colour draft for me to review…and then a second. And then the cover. Wow. When the cover arrives, it really feels imminent…no matter how far away the pub date may be. There is the cover of your book – in all it’s beautiful glory. And there is your name. My name. I wrote this. It’s been over two and a half years since the first seed of an idea sprouted in my mind…and now there is a cover. It’s feeling real.

But do you know what makes it really real…like really, really real??? The first time you google the title…and discover it’s already online and available for PRE-SALE!!! I am literally vibrating with excitement!!

The Global Ocean launches on June 7, 2022 – just in time for World Oceans Day (June 8). And yes! You can pre-order your copies now!!




Barnes and Noble

Or reach out to your local independent book seller and ask them about pre-ordering…

I know what I will be doing for Oceans Day this year – do you?! ?