Rochelle Strauss on stage at TIFA 2022
TIFA Rochelle Strauss 1

Had a wonderful time at my TIFAKids event today!

Felt a bit like an episode of The Amazing Race just to get there, with most north/south roads blocked and Lakeshore closed!

We abandoned the car halfway there and jumped on bikes from bike share and got there in the nick of time. 🚗 🚲

Lots of laughter ensued!! 🤭

But once I arrived, I was greeted by the amazing TIFA team…and got to meet the amazing Natasha Donovan in person!!

It was wonderful to hear her stories about creating the illustrations for The Global Ocean and about her own connections to the ocean.

😃 Thanks to all who joined us that afternoon!

You can learn more about the Toronto International Festival of Authors here >