When Kids Can Press messaged me that they wanted to celebrate World Water Day with a splashy (see what I did there?!) social media reveal of the cover of my new book The Global Ocean – I was 100% onboard. How could I not be?

World Water Day celebrates water and raises awareness about the global water crisis. And while World Water Day typically focuses on freshwater, the fact remains that all water on Earth is connected. So the critical challenges facing the ocean in terms of its health, absolutely contribute to the overall global water crisis.

With its warming waters, islands of trash, habitats lost and species at risk, the global ocean is in trouble. As perhaps Earth’s most important features, the global ocean shapes Earth’s climate and stores carbon, moves heat, oxygen and nutrients around the globe, is home to more species and habitats than anywhere else on the planet, and is a source of food for many of Earth’s species. A healthy ocean will sustain the planet, but an ocean in crisis threatens all life on Earth.

The goal of World Water Day is to empower people to take action to protect Earth’s water. Take time today to become well aware – to learn more about the global water crisis, the state of Earth’s freshwater and saltwater, as well as the challenges people face across the globe, and right here in North America, with access to clean water and sanitation.

The Global Ocean arrives on May 3rd and the countdown is on – 42 more days!! Watch this space for details about an upcoming book launch in Toronto in June. And don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @rochellestraussauthor for all the latest news and updates.

The Big reveal!