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Rochelle is an award-winning children’s author, consultant and freelance writer in Toronto, Canada. She specializes in creating dynamic content that inspires hearts and engages minds. (she/her)


A storyteller by nature, Rochelle’s goal as an author is to change the world — one book at a time! Through her writing, she combines a love of nature and a passion for stories to teach children about the wonders of the natural world. She prides herself in creating narratives that inspire hearts and engage minds. Learn more about her journey as an author…

Program Designer | Education Consultant | Freelance Writer

Rochelle’s extensive experience developing programs and curating content, make her an expert at creating moments that bring learning to life. She’s always keen to chat about new opportunities to collaborate with people and organizations looking to make a difference in the world.

One  Well

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Tree of Life

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Follow along with Rochelle as she chats about nature, muses about life and plays with words in her blog:
Write. Rewrite.

It’s Really Real Now!

It’s Really Real Now!

Writing a book is an unbelievably long process, speaking from my experience writing children’s illustrated books anyway. The idea rumbles around in my head for a while. I ruminate on possibilities, and then debate myself about pathways to take. I pour through the...

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Proof It’s Real!

Proof It’s Real!

It was early spring 2019 when the idea for a new book flashed before my eyes. It wasn’t so much as a flash…and it wasn’t so much of an idea. It was of course a duck. And it floated gently on the currents in my mind. In July 2019,a book proposal was submitted and by...

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Happy World Ocean Day!

Happy World Ocean Day!

June 8th is World Ocean Day…a day to celebrate perhaps my favourite ecosystem on the planet! Those who know me know that my heart is most at home when I am by, in, or on the ocean!! There’s nothing I love more than my toes in the water, scanning the horizon for...

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Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day has always been an exciting day for me. As an author and educator, it’s usually a day marked by a school visit or participating in an Earth Day event. Of course, celebrating Earth Day this year is going to look a little different for everyone, and what you...

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